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When considering making the switch to solar energy, it’s important to remember the various benefits that come with “going solar.” We all know that solar energy is a clean and renewable source of energy, but there are many other perks of solar energy!


When you switch to solar energy, there are some considerable savings. For most systems, solar panels pay for themselves around the 7 year mark. This leaves you with the remaining 25+ years of your system’s lifespan providing practically free energy to run your home on.

The homes of the future are moving towards becoming all-electric. What does that mean for you as a homeowner? Most, if not all, of your electric costs can be offset by implementing a solar energy system into your home.


We only get one Earth, so it’s important to treat our one and only world with care. With national carbon emissions rising by the second, it’s crucial that each home does their part in reducing their carbon footprint.

Solar panels produce clean energy to run your home or business on without polluting the atmosphere with harmful emissions. Non-renewable energy sources such as coal or gas are dwindling resources and renewable energy is the future. Saving money while saving the environment? Talk about a win-win situation!


Some may assume that solar energy can only come in handy and power their home on bright sunny days. However, solar energy systems are often paired with a solar battery option that is able to store energy for cloudy or overcast days, keeping your home running smoothly for years to come, despite the weather!

Are you tired of depending on your local utility provider? Solar can be a great solution for you! Since solar panels give you the freedom to generate and manage your own power, you won’t have to worry about full dependence on your power company and rising electricity prices.


Get excited! To encourage Americans to begin their renewable energy journey, there are incentives for homeowners who implement solar energy as a power source for their homes. Solar investment tax credits can save you up to 26% on your federal income taxes. The opportunities to save with solar energy continue to grow!


Let’s say you’ve already taken steps to reduce your carbon footprint by purchasing an electric vehicle (EV). It’s no surprise that your EV and solar panels are the perfect match! When you take the step to install solar panels, you’ll essentially have the ability to charge your vehicle for little to nothing. Keep on cruising in style without feeling guilty about spreading excess emissions—for little to no cost!


Like we mentioned earlier, future generations of homes are moving towards all-electric systems. With the various benefits of solar energy, it’s no shocker that homes with solar panels installed experience an increase in value. Research shows that residential solar positively impacts home value. Additionally, if you’re expecting to sell your home in the near future, solar panels are a great incentive for potential buyers.


It’s essential to have a reliable and professional solar team that will help support your goal of going solar. Our team of engineers, electricians, and installers are highly trained in home solar installation and can guarantee a job well done. We are second to none when it comes to customer satisfaction!

When you’re ready to start your renewable energy journey, trust Independent Power for your professional home solar services. We offer the highest quality products and advanced technology that will set your home up for solar success. To learn more, give us a call at (303) 443-0115 or complete our online contact form for more information.