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Suppose you’ve already taken the leap to start your solar energy journey, congratulations! Installing your panels and seeing the energy savings begin to roll in is an exciting time for homeowners. However, some homeowners are unaware of the number one sidekick to solar panels: battery storage!

Maybe you’ve been searching the internet for the best solar battery storage option for your home, or perhaps energy storage is a new concept to you. Either way, our solar experts are here to help break down the benefits of battery backup systems and how they can be a handy component of your solar system.


The most important fact is without storage a home with solar will lose power if the power grid fails, so in a power outage the solar system will NOT produce energy if it does not have storage as part of the system. Only homes with storage can avoid power outages and have clean energy available during grid failures. Solar systems with battery storage enjoy ultimate energy independence 365 days a year. Solar batteries act as a reservoir of electricity for your home’s energy needs. Your backup battery is “refilled” when your panels produce electricity during sunlight hours. When the sun goes down or rainy days hit, you’ll be able to pull the stored energy from your backup battery, and your solar supply will stay steady.

Homes without solar battery storage lose out on taking full advantage of their solar system’s energy capabilities. Without storage, the excess energy your panels produce typically goes back to your local power grid, so while you will be gaining credits for your excess energy production, you won’t have a backup energy supply in times of need. Instead, you may be forced to draw energy from the local power grid on days your panels aren’t producing enough, when you could be drawing from your reservoir of stored energy and keeping your energy costs minimal.


Whether you’re hoping to have a steady solar supply even on the cloudiest of days or are hoping to enhance your pre-existing solar system, you’ll need to discover the best size solar battery for your household. Consider your household’s energy needs when selecting a battery for your solar panels. Our energy storage specialists at Independent Power Systems can help provide the best solar battery options for your home and budget. We’ll stop at nothing to ensure your solar battery is prepared to meet your energy goals.


Now that we’ve broken down what solar storage is and how to find the best size for your solar system, let’s take a look at the valuable benefits of solar storage!

Power on Demand
Your solar system was a significant investment, so you’ll want to make sure you can utilize it to its fullest potential! While your solar panels work hard throughout the day to reach your energy goals, they’re unable to operate on overcast days or at nighttime. With solar battery storage, you’ll never have to worry about a shortage of energy for your home!

Lowered Electricity Bills
When your local power grid receives high demand for energy, time-of-use rates or demand charges are often applied, in turn, raising your monthly utility bills. Having a solar battery unit on hand can help ease your dependence on the local grid and keep your energy costs low.

Better for the Environment
The more you use your panels, the smaller your carbon footprint becomes! If your goal for the year is to minimize your environmental impact and make your home green, improving your solar battery storage is a great place to start.


Independent Power Systems is proud to offer top-notch battery storage solutions to our customers. We’ll discuss your home’s energy needs and what solution is the best fit for your home’s solar system. Give our team a call at or complete our online contact form to learn more.